About Us

We are a multidisciplinary consulting and development firm with expertise in cloud-based management and migration. We deliver ground-breaking solutions to help businesses achieve optimization through the use of IT.

Walvis Technologies is comprised of a dedicated team of problem-solvers based in Ottawa. We bring together diversity and culture to drive digital transformations for businesses.

100% In-house

Our team is made up of experts that can ensure high-quality results. We value our hands-on approach and take care of all stages of development ourselves.

Trusted Advisor

Does your organization have security requirements or sensitive information? At Walvis Technologies, our team members have obtained sufficient security clearance.

Solution Stack Capabilities

Our expertise in Solution Stack Development allows us to go beyond the limits of system restrains. Our team can skillfully optimize existing systems and develop the design system as a whole.

Cloud Consulting

At Walvis Technologies we help companies to simplify their cloud journey. With our extensive expertise in developing cloud solutions and migrations, our team can skillfully optimize cloud systems and successfully action end-to-end cloud transformations.