Working Remotely as a Team

Published on 2020-03-13

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Working Remotely as a Team

#Covid19 is spreading into more cities in Canada. Ontario government has just announced the plan to close all public schools for 2 weeks. Public health is recommending social distancing by asking people to stay home to #flattenthecurve. Because of this, many of us are making big changes to keep the people around us healthy and safe. Companies and government agencies are starting to adopt working from home policies. However, not all departments or companies are prepared for a transition of this size or even know where to start.  


While moving to work remotely can be a significant change for a business it can be very successful. In order to ensure its success, business owners need to consider a few things when adopting collaboration tools like Teams and SharePoint. These elements can be easily overlooked when initially setting up the tools, but they are significant factors that ensure your remote work can function smoothly.


How and where to start? What O365 apps do I enable? 

There are so many Office 365 offerings, which one should I use and how do I sign up for an account?


I have contents I need to share with external users, how do I ensure I only share what I want to share and any sensitive data remains secure.

Document Collaboration

What is collaborated authorizing and live edits and will that be important to my organization?

External Guests 

How do I collaborate with clients and business partners outside of my organization?


What settings need to be turned on / off to ensure things are not oversimplified or complicated?


How do I get support in case I run into trouble? 


Walvis is here to help. Our proven and repeatable deployment plan can expedite the adaption of Microsoft #Teams and #SharePoint deployment to enable remote work effectively and securely. 

COVID19 is stressful enough, Teams deployment shouldn't have to be. 



We've put together some resources from Microsoft and ways to successfully implement remote work.

The top 9 ways Microsoft IT is enabling remote work for its employees

9 tips for having the best online meeting experience with Microsoft Teams

Support remote workers using Microsoft Teams

Working remotely during challenging times



If you're interested in how Microsoft 365 and its collaboration tools could benefit your business please visit our Microsoft 365 page or contact us.

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