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Published on 2019-12-30

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Walvis 2019

As 2019 draws to a close we wanted to take a minute to reflect upon some of our favourite accomplishments and achievements that have occurred over the past 365 days.

Team Growth

2019 saw a big increase in our team. We took on some extra members to increase our levels of efficiency and expertise, with each member playing an important role and adding extra knowledge and specialties.  Our increase in team members has helped us to apply for additional projects, take on more clients and grow our knowledge in additional areas, like design, marketing and development.


New Office Space

Alongside growing our team, we also moved to a new office space. Walvis Technologies relocated to Bank Street in Ottawa. A perfect location for our clients and prospective projects. The new office location means that we are perfectly located to travel to clients in Montreal and Toronto for quick visits and even better for those located in OttawaIn addition, with Ottawa only being a short 5-hour flight away from Vancouver we are in the prime situation to offer our services up to businesses that don’t want an in-house specialist. Otto-sourcing, out-sourcing IT services to Walvis in Ottawa, is a new domestic out-sourcing alternative. While 2019 has seen growth in this area, we do not doubt that 2020 will see a dramatic rise in this service. To find out more about this service read here


New Website

Our website and social redesign were pivotal parts of Walvis’ 2019. We wanted our brand and image to reflect the standard of service we provide. Furthermore, our research and understanding of the user experience helped us to create a straightforward website that met and exceeded our user’s expectations. A key part of the website redesign was adding more detail to our services, process and adding in a blog section enabling a deeper understanding and sharing our knowledge with users. To learn more about our website redesign and what decisions we made read our blog here.


Government Submission

Towards the end of the year, we submitted our first government grant. As a Canadian company, it is important to us that we contribute towards helping grow our local community and assist in government projects. Submitting our first government proposal involved every member of our team and required us to use all of our expertise to get the job done.

Alongside the hard work from our team, we also are very thankful for all our fantastic clients and readers throughout Canada and want to wish you all a very Happy New Year!


To keep up to date with our latest news follow us on social media – InstagramLinkedInFacebook

To keep up to date with our latest news follow us on social media – Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook