Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 offers businesses the familiar Office software with the added ability to improve productivity by seamlessly integrating all aspects of the workplace.
At Walvis Technologies, we understand the potential of Microsoft 365 and understand the added value of an external perspective. We do far more than just installing your SharePoint and then leaving you to figure the rest out. Our consulting services help businesses realize the opportunities associated with Microsoft 365 and together we build an optimal environment.
Whether you're new to the software or you've been using it for years, we help businesses get the best out of Microsoft 365. Our extensive Microsoft knowledge can help form a collaborative and efficient system for all your team. We offer support for several crucial services, including but not limited to, Office 365 migration, asset management, project management, and external resources management.
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UI Feasibility in Microsoft PowerApps

Follow our easy PowerApps tutorials demonstrating how to incorporate compelling UI elements into the platform. Our PowerApps examples will help even the most novice app developer create an accessible and appealing apps.
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Why Walvis Technologies?

Our expert consulting services will help lead you towards powerful cloud solutions. We pride ourselves on our full-service capabilities, meaning that we help you every step of the way, from our initial meeting all the way to flexible support once the system is integrated into your business. With our high-level security clearance, we can be trusted with sensitive data and we are ready to work on Government of Canada projects.

Our Process

Office365 client engagement process


We analyse what your business needs and how cloud can be implemented in the best way to optimize its use. From these initial meetings and consultations, we can help you take your first steps towards an enhanced business with Microsoft 365 cloud.


With our help, you can select a suitable plan appropriate for your goals and strategy.


With the multiple applications and services that Microsoft 365 offers your organization can easily find a toolset that works best for you. We help to customize and develop your solution to perfectly fit within your workforce.


We ensure the move to Microsoft 365 from your current set-up, whether it be on-premise, hybrid, or something else, is seamless and smooth.


Our expertise guarantees that each Microsoft 365 project is provided complete integration. We remove the possibility of difficult set-ups and the systems are completely synchronized company wide.


Continuous support from our team after the initial set up. Our ongoing support ensures that the systems continue to run smoothly and includes the implementation of timely updates and the resolving of any issues.
Contact our dedicated team and discuss what steps we can take to a tailored Microsoft 365 solution.
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